Project Scorpio’s VR headset will not be made by Microsoft

Project Scorpio

Microsoft unveiled its plan to enter the VR industry with Project Scorpio at E3 2016 earlier this week and despite its strong relationship with Oculus, there was no firm confirmation of what headset would accompany the new Xbox.

We’ve heard speculation that given Fallout 4’s VR support on the HTC Vive shortly followed by the announcement the title would also be coming to the Project Scorpio Xbox, that the Vive might be the headset of choice, but again no confirmation.

One thing seems certain following a conversation Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, had with Wired confirming that Microsoft is “not focused on a first-party VR hardware device”. That means that whichever headset Microsoft decides to support, it will not be made by Microsoft themselves, and instead will be a partnership with another company that already makes VR headsets.

Right now the obvious choices in the VR market would be the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift and it’s very possible that Microsoft may even support both headsets with Project Scorpio. It could also be possible that Microsoft are working with a manufacturer on a headset that isn’t yet released, given how far in the future the new VR Xbox is from being released. Microsoft already have strong ties to Oculus and the Rift with a deal to bundle the Xbox One controllers with the headset so perhaps the relationship could be extended in the reverse direction for Project Scorpio.

With a release date landing around holiday season 2017, there is plenty of time for further details of which headset or headsets will be supported by the new Xbox for VR, but it certainly won’t be Microsoft-made.

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