Sony has 220 new experiences in development for the PSVR

A couple of days ago, Oculus stated that they would be releasing at least one major title for the Rift each month in 2017. This was pretty exciting news in its own right, as it meant that consumers would be getting a new high-quality gaming experience on a very consistent basis. And while 12 titles may seem like a decent amount already, Sony has just upped the ante by a factor of 18, announcing that it has 220 new software titles already in the works for Playstation VR.

We do have to stop and think about what the company means by ‘titles’ however. This phrasing does not necessarily mean new games, but also covers things like music videos, 3D experiences, among other things.

Still, there are a number of legitimate games that have been announced for the platform already. Just a few of these include an extension of classic franchises such as Ace Combat 7, Final Fantasy XV, Gran Turismo Sport, Farpoint, Tekken 7, and Steel Combat, meaning they will likely be wildly successful once they make their way into the marketplace.

Sony has also announced that 100 games are now available for purchase for use with the headset, making it a much more compelling option for those looking to get into virtual reality. Add in these 220+ titles that will be making their way to the system over the next couple of years, and you could have a very robust library indeed.

Do you have a PSVR? Are you excited for the announcement?

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