PSVR might sell 5x as many units as Vive and Rift by 2017


As cool as virtual reality is, the experience generally doesn’t come cheap. Vive and Rift both cost about $800 when all is said and done, and not many people have that sort of money to toss around to try out a brand new technology. When Sony announced the PlayStation VR however, it set a new accessibility standard for the general consumer, as Playstation 4 consoles are generally much more numerous than gaming PC’s in the average household.

It should be no surprise, then, that the PlayStation VR headset is projected to sell up to 5x as many units as the Vive or Rift by 2017. In a report by SuperData research, a New York research firm who creates studies such as these, the firm found that by the beginning of 2017, Oculus’ Rift is set to sell 355,088 units, while the HTC Vive is projected to sell around 420,108. In contrast, PlayStation VR is looking like it will sell 2,602,307 headsets in the same time-frame. That is an astronomical amount of sales in just about 3 months time, but Sony will likely be helped out quite a bit by the onslaught of holiday shoppers.

SuperData’s approach to the market for consumer-centered virtual reality includes retail checks, executive interviews with decision-makers from all of relevant firms in the marketplace, pricing data, our survey-based consumer tracking panel, and digital content purchases collected from our data providers.

said a SuperData representitive, in an email to UploadVR.

We combine both proprietary and public data sources to arrive at an objective reading of the market, including financial information obtained through our client network. Analysts are expressly forbidden to buy, sell, hedge or otherwise deal in the securities of any of the following public companies whose primary revenues come from the creation, selling, or distribution of video games.

Sony has sold over 40 million PlayStation 4 consoles to date, meaning there are just as many potential customers able to bypass the usually expensive requirement of owning a gaming PC. Since the Vive and Rift have been out for almost a full 3 quarters by now however, we would not be surprised to see a refresh of HTC and Oculus’ hardware early next year, which could bring features that make the PlayStation VR essentially obsolete. Either way, Sony has done an absolutely fantastic job marketing their headset already, and it looks like they are reaping the benefits.

Which headset do you prefer? Did you pick up a PlayStation VR already?

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