Queen guitarist Brain May made his own VR headset

It seems everyone is releasing a virtual reality headset these days. From Samsung to OnePlus, Oculus to Valve, there are an incredible number of manufacturers looking to get in on the latest emerging tech trend. Each headset seems to have it’s own unique niche, and while most implementations are based on the same general idea, the sheer number of systems creates a healthy pricing scale for customers looking to jump into the landscape.

3D imagery isn’t a terribly new idea, and has been present for a couple hundred years. Rock band Queen’s guitarist Brian May knows all about this, and is looking to make homage to the original 3D photos with a whole new twist. May’s implementation uses a simple plastic affordable headset, complete with a magnetic strip which allows the user to stick their phone to the device. The headset is adjustable via a slider mechanism, and can help to put phones of varying width in focus. Tagged the “Owl Virtual Reality Kit”, the device plays off a design which was created in 2008 to show users 3D static card images, but mixes it up with a contemporary Victorian feel.


The headset doesn’t have any sort of closure to keep ambient light from getting in the line of vision, but May doesn’t seem to think that’s an issue. This implementation could be a great option for those looking for something mildly more premium than Google Cardboard, but cheaper than something like the Samsung Gear VR. It comes with some nice looking components and can be pre-ordered now for 25 euros — or about $28. The device will start shipping in mid June, and you can pre-order yours now from May’s own London Stereoscopic Company.

Is an implementation like this something that interests you? What do you think about a VR headset made by a famous musician? Let us know, and check out the video above.

via: Gizmodo

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