The beta of the cool VR drawing tool Quill will be free for all Oculus Rift Touch users


The team behind the Oculus Rift VR headset have been promoting its Quill drawing tool for the device for a while now. Today, the company revealed that the beta version of the Quill app will be free to download for Rift owners when it is released on December 6.

There is a small catch. While the app may be free, Quill will only work with both the Rift headset and the upcoming Touch controllers for the device. Pre-orders for those $199 controllers have been available for a little while and they are expected to start shipping on Dec. 6.

In a blog post, Oculus talked about the origin of the drawing tool. Development actually began over a year ago in October 2015 as part of a 48 hour hackathon. The lead engineer of the Oculus Story Studio VR film Dear Angelica created the first version of Quill for its Art Director Wesley Allsbrook.

Oculus said that over the next several months it added new features and improvements to the drawing app, including  a way to shape lines after they were made. Other features allowed artists who were using Quill with the Rift headset and the Touch controllers to continue to work for longer time periods.

It will be very interesting to see the kinds of creations that will be made with the Oculus Rift and this free Quill app. Will you be using it with your new Rift Touch controllers?


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