Rec Room Is Hosting Virtual Reality Olympics Games, called Reclympics

Source: Rec Room

The 32nd Summer Olympics came to a close this last Sunday, but another international event inspired by them is about to begin, and it will take place in virtual reality.

Rec Room, the company behind the eponymous social VR platform, is hosting the platform’s first official summer games, called Reclympics. The event will take place from August 14th, 2021 to September 5th, 2021, and it will allow players from around the world to compete in custom-made Rec Room-inspired games.

There will be seven games in total:

  • Stunt Runner: Saturday, 8/14
  • Laser Tag: Sunday, 8/15
  • Archery: Saturday, 8/21
  • Dodgeball: Sunday, 8/22
  • Discus Throw: Saturday, 8/28
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Sunday, 8/29
  • Paintball: Saturday, 9/4

For each game, Rec Room will host a day-long tournament and live-stream it on its YouTube channel. Winners can look forward not only to fame and glory but also to various virtual rewards.

To compete, players must meet several requirements, including having at least level 30 and good recent moderation history. All players are required to sign up for the region they want to represent by joining that region’s clubhouse. There are eight clubhouses, and they are all based on unique Rec Room locations:

  • Creator Commonwealth
  • Crimson Bog Swamp
  • Cyberjunk City Limits
  • Frontier Island
  • Paintball Plateau
  • Rec Room Main Campus
  • The Goblin Kingdom
  • The Isles of Lost Skulls

Because only a certain number of players from each region can compete, there is no guarantee that all players will be selected. The winner of the Reclympics will be the region with the most gold medals, which are awarded based on an individual or team’s placement in games to participating athletes.

If you would like to experience the first-ever Reclympics games first hand, then don’t hesitate and submit your application as soon as possible because the clock is ticking!

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