Red Alert 2 gets HTC Vive adaptation

Usually when a title gets created for virtual reality, it is designed completely from the ground up, with room-scale and controls being among the largest considerations. Once in a while though, we get a call back to popular titles of the past, bringing a new experience to some of the classics. Red Alert 2 is now one of these classics, and has been revamped with Unreal Engine to be compatible with HTC’s Vive HMD.

The game is mostly the same as the original version, but comes with a new perspective. With the HTC Vive, players have the ability to look down on the battleground from above, as if they are an all-seeing god looking upon a landscape. The player can command units to build structures and even send them into battle, just like in the original, and we have to say that this new perspective breathes a lot of new life into the title.

The port brings promise that we may see a plethora of classics being shifted towards virtual reality platforms. Already we have Dolphin VR, bringing some titles like Metroid: Prime into the limelight again after a long wait. If more of these classic titles get a refreshing new look, we could see more old fashioned gamers swarming towards virtual reality as a platform.

Are you excited for the new revamped Red Alert 2? Any particular game you want to see ported?

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