Report: VR and AR headset shipments could approach 100 Million by 2021

International Data Corporation has been releasing reports related to VR and AR technologies for quite a while now, but a recent publication by the company makes the technology look to be especially viable.

The new report predicts that there will be a substantial shipment increase of up to 10x in virtual and augmented reality headsets and hardware within the next 4 years, with a number or new devices and accessories finally making their way onto the market. While the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR have dominated the market so far already, there are many more companies looking to get into the space now that the technology is more developed.

We’ve already seen LG show off their take on HTC’s Vive, and Microsoft is just about ready to launch their affordable AR/VR headset line. With all this new hardware alone there should be a pretty substantial shipment increase, but mixed in with all the new high quality software now beginning to come to fruition, people are finally beginning to become truly interested in the technology.

The forecast shows augmented reality making quite a huge boost starting next year, and rising in popularity almost exponentially thereafter. It has often been said that augmented reality will eventually prevail in the VR space, and this forecast seems to predict just that. Since the technology is much more useful in terms of a work and productivity sense, it will likely make its way into the job market and help to revolutionize the way we do daily tasks.

Are you excited for the state of the technology over the next few years? It will be quite interesting to say the least, and we can’t wait to cover it all for you.

Stay tuned.


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