Rescue Kittens From Incredible Heights in Virtual Reality

Currently, the virtual reality application market is completely saturated with a handful of space exploration games and intimate adult experiences. What makes virtual reality an incredible technology, however, is the fact that you can essentially do whatever the hell you want, wherever you want to. As such, the team at Japanese company Bandai Namco have created something totally out of left field; a game where you rescue a helpless kitten from atop a gigantic skyscraper.

The game positions users at the safe end of a beam, with one objective in mind: rescue the helpless puffball of cuteness at the end of the plank. The endorphin filled game showcases the incredible range of experiences that can be produced for virtual reality headsets, and is only one of the many experiences the Japanese company will be showing off in Tokyo starting April 15th. In the demo, Bandai Namco simply uses a plank and fake kitten as props, and the results are hilarious. We’re not sure if the people shown in the video below are employees or total strangers test driving the tech, but they seem to be absolutely immersed int the kitten-saving adventure. The experience shows off the absolutely crazy things you can do with only a headset and a couple of simple objects, and it’s likely that we will start to see quite a few more experimental experiences like this in the future.

The demo uses HTC’s Vive headset, which allows the user to move around freely in 3D space. Until other headsets also begin to support free movement, experiences like this will likely only be able to take place on Valve’s headset, although we’re still not sure exactly what the Oculus rift will be like once it ships it’s dedicated motion controllers.

Is saving kittens from a terrifying death something you would be interested in trying? I know I would.

Via: The Verge

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