Resident Evil 7: Biohazzard is now Sony’s most popular demo of all time


Back at E3 2016, many developers showed off their new titles which take advantage of new and emerging virtual reality headsets. While Vive and Rift made quite the appearance of their own at the show, Playstation VR made a bigger splash than anyone expected. With a plethora of new titles being announced for the platform, the company proved they are ready to take on the new emerging market.

One such title that Sony announced at the show is Resident Evil 7: Biohazzard. This game is especially unique in that it is not only a full fledged title for the Playstation 4, but also a title that will be completely playable using Sony’s Playstation VR headset. As of now, most virtual reality experiences are just that, experiences. Developers haven’t had a lot of time to create full games for the platform, so the announcement that the new game would be completely VR capable is incredibly exciting.

At the show, Sony also announced that a demo of the title would be available to anyone with a PS + membership after the event. Since the announcement, Capcom has revealed that over 2 million people have already downloaded the demo, making it the most popular single player demo Sony has ever offered. There are about 40 million PS4’s out in the wild currently, so 5% of those systems downloading the new demo is a pretty astronomical number.

The fact that the demo is so popular is incredibly exciting, as it means there are loads of people that are looking to get their hands on the full title once it releases. Since it is fully VR capable game, it’s likely that the title may be a big reason why many people will pick up a Playstation VR headset in the future as well.


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