Resident Evil 7 announced for the Playstation VR

Back at E3 2015, I tried out the Edge of Nowhere demo for the Oculus Rift, my first experience at “horror” in VR. Granted, Edge of Nowhere isn’t really that scary, but the immersive nature of VR makes every little noise, bump, and sudden movement all that more intense. That’s why I can’t help but be a little terrified at the prospect of Resident Evil 7 coming to the Playstation VR.

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At its E3 2016 pre-briefing, Sony announced that RE7 is getting full support for the Playstation VR, alongside the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To be clear, this isn’t just a small “VR experience”, the full game will be playable with the PSVR. Considering how intense and downright traumatizing Resident Evil can arguably be during “normal gameplay”, you can imagine what the experience will be like in 360 degrees.

Dimly light rooms, quick jump out action — it’s going to be a fun ride for sure. Unfortunately, Resident Evil 7 won’t be available from day one for the Playstation VR, but it will hit on January 24th of 2017. From the sounds of it though, it could be well worth the wait.

What do you think, excited for the Playstation VR rendition of Resident Evil 7? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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