Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality Review

Fans of the animated sci-fi sitcom Rick and Morty have something to be thrilled about! As if the show airing on Adult Swim wasn’t enough to enamor audiences, those same viewers can now transplant themselves into the sitcom’s world, in a brand new virtual reality game just released for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

In Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, developed Owlchemy Labs, you take on the roll of a Morty clone whose duties are to follow instructions given to him by Rick. You start off in Rick’s garage, but travel to different areas to explore this new virtual space. The premise and storyline might follow a script from the show, but is that enough to make the transition into VR a worthy one?


Like we said, you take on the roll of a Morty clone, who is tasked to do several things throughout the game. Starting off in Rick’s garage, a series of events transpire that has our character doing things to solve puzzles, explore the surroundings, and much more. The best part about the game is just exploring the various areas, interacting with all the gadgets and gizmos littered throughout the garage.

Adding to the fun is the dialogue between the characters! It’s an absolute gold mine, rich with hilarious and witty remarks from Rick – worthy enough to earn the script writers an award of some kind. While there’s a lot to absorb in the game and become potentially distracted, it’s crucial to pay attention to Rick and Morty’s instructions.


Seriously, you really feel like you’ve been transported into the world of the animated show. Given the cartoony nature of the game, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the visuals present here aren’t considered pushing the envelope. In fact, it’s not trying to blow you away with the visuals. Rather, the graphics seen here suffice for its type of gameplay. You really get the sense that you’re actually in the show!


Throughout the game, we see the world through the first person perspective of our Morty clone. This way, we’re able to interact with a plethora of objects and gizmos, as if we were actually in the show. And you know what? It works rather well, especially when the performance of the game’s visual never once buckled under the pressure.

Don’t be fooled by Rick’s garage, despite the small confines, because it’s unbelievably hiding a ton of goodies to explore and sniff out. Interacting with the various inventions, wacky gadgets, and strange concoctions is what makes this game so fun to play. Yes, you can do boring everyday human things like doing laundry, going to the bathroom, and eating, but the real fun is uncovered by checking out some of the gadgets.

Take for example one contraption that combines the properties of two objects and combines them together. We found ourselves frequently combining several things to see what crazy and over-the-top creations we could produce. This machine kind of reminds us of the teleporter machine in the movie “The Fly.”

Some might not find the exploration piece of the game all that fun, it’s broken up luckily by some action scenes that has our Morty clone strapping on some big guns to dispose of aliens and other enemies. However, the majority of the game still hinges on puzzle solving – like tracing parts for your broken computer.

Honestly, it’s a game that requires trial-and-error, with some puzzles requiring you to really think about what you’re doing. But hey, you technically never die in the game because you’re a clone (duh).

VR Experience

Like many VR games, this one is set in the first person view and this works really well for this particular type of game.Using the Oculus Rift and Touch controls, we didn’t have too many issues with the overall VR experience, since it was mostly smooth and responsive. Of course, you might run into some minor tracking issues if you’re using the two-sensor setup with the Rift, but that’s expected when that direct line-of-sight to the Touch controllers are momentarily blocked by our body.

Beyond that, we get to see Rick and Morty’s world through the eyes of our character, which is a lot of fun. Using the Touch controllers to interact with the many gadgets and tools in Rick’s garage, it’s pretty much a requirement to tinker with everything we come across. From grabbing objects, throwing stuff, and even stooping down to open up a cabinet or drawer, the VR experience is pretty spot-on.

Moving around the game is done in two ways, one using the teleportation method to jump between areas in the garage, and the other being able to freely move within the Guardian boundaries. This combination works rather well, as the various contraptions and machines in the garage are all within reach.

We played the game using an MSI GS63VR Stealth laptop, which features an Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor, 16GB of RAM, and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1060 6G GDDR5 GPU. Not once did we experience any hiccups relating to the game’s graphics processing performance, and nor were there any issues with the VR performance. From walking over a few steps to access something on a counter, to bending down to pick up an object, the VR experience was tight and responsive to our delight – so much so that we’re able to play an easy one hour of consecutive gaming!


Playing through the entire game took us roughly a few hours, which is rather short when you think about the $29.99 cost that’s slapped onto the game. Despite the short run-through, we still feel as though you’re getting a quality game here with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, mainly due to the polished VR experience, hilarious storytelling, and the various puzzles that force you to really think about things.

Even after finishing through the game, Rick jokingly suggests how there’s more replay value in the game because of various easter eggs hidden throughout the garage. Sure, that’s one thing players can do after finishing the game, but exploring all the areas and interacting with all the crazy gizmos in the garage is an experience worth doing a second time around. Like we said from the beginning, the game makes it feel as if you’re really a part of the animated show – and that alone makes this game worth checking out!



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