Rick and Morty Creator’s “Accounting” is both spontaneous and terrifying


We recently reported on the creation of Squanchtendo, a VR gaming studio from the makers of Rick and Morty. While the Rick and Morty simulator Virtual Rick-ality predated the studio and was thus created by Owlchemy labs, the show’s creators have decided to launch their own game studio in anticipation of virtual reality taking over the world. Though it seems like it has only been a couple of weeks since Squanchtendo was officially announced, the studio has already readied its new game Accounting for release to the masses.

Coming soon to Steam VR for the hefty price of free, Accounting brings users through worlds both boring and disturbing. In a recent trailer released by the company in collaboration with Crows Crows Crows, viewers can see the Job Simulator-esque title turn weird fast. The title has all of the dark humor one would come to expect out of these developers, all wrapped up into one 3D space. When the content of Justin Roiland intertwines with the commentary of William Pugh, developer of The Stanley Parable, you just know this experience is going to be quite a treat.

Accounting emerged from a strange collaborative relationship between both studios. The game itself is mostly a product of sticking William, Dom, and Justin in a room for a week. But they had a lot of help from [Squanchtendo’s’] Tanya Watson who handled production and public relations and Sean O’Dowd of Crows Crows Crows who coded from the sunny beaches of Australia.

reads an excerpt from the title’s website.

The game is sure to be a treat for anyone who is a fan of Rick and Morty or the Stanley Parable, as it looks to take signals from each to create something truly wacky. Though an official release date has not yet been announced, we know that it will be available sometime this month, so keep your eyes peeled.

You can check out the game’s website here.

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