Rightmove to use 360 video in real estate listings

With Disney, Facebook, and YouTube all embracing 360 video to provide a new perspective for consuming content, it seems of no surprise that the next logical application for the technology be real estate. It seems that the UK real estate website Rightmove are turning to 360 videos to enhance property listings to help sell the house.

Rightmove are testing the technology in partnership with North London estate agent Martyn Gerrard to allow people to view the entirety of a property without leaving the sofa. Pictures used to sell a house are often staged, strategically shot, and have undergone editing to not give the entire story with hidden parts of the room, the perspective of the house, or its surroundings. The use of 360 video will help potential viewers to get a better idea of if they’ll like the house before requesting a viewing. Having seen more of it using the new technology will hopefully save the real estate company time and money with viewings only scheduled for those genuinely interested in the property.

“Rightmove is always looking for innovative new ways to make the process of searching for and buying a house even easier,” explained Hannes Buhrmann, Rightmove’s Head of Innovation.”And this is an interesting avenue we wanted to explore. We’ve adopted the latest technology and filming techniques to capture and showcase these properties.”

The 360 viewing videos are being shot using six GoPro cameras attached to a rig and give an all-round viewing of the property. Two such videos have been made so far that can be viewed on YouTube or Google Cardboard.

The use of 360 video in real estate is just another excellent way of embracing new technology to enhance the consumer experience. Drop us a comment below – Do you think 360 videos enhance the real estate viewing experience for the better or not?


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