RIGS: Mechanized Combat League hands on

Who doesn’t like a mech game, right? Being in full control of a hunky mechanized robot is sure to get a lot of people itching for the opportunity to play, especially one that throws the player into the cockpit in virtual reality. When we first saw the banner for this game titled RIGS, which was being demoed for the Playstation VR at an event in New York City recently, all we really noticed was the giant mech warrior splashed across.

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Diving into the demo, the adrenaline started to flow right in, as we got extremely excited about piloting one of these mechanized warriors. First thing on tap, we select our mech of choice and we’re then placed slowly inside – giving us that first person view with the joysticks in our hand and an array of HUDs in front of us. Now, this is the point where the game proceeds to guide us through the rules of this game, which happens to be an indoor arena type course that has 2 teams playing against each other.


Looking back on it now, we didn’t realize the rest of title for the game when we first saw it from a distance. Then it suddenly hit us, we didn’t read the entire title of the game. This mech game we’re playing is titled RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. The last three words in the title are key, since it plays to the game’s mixture of mech warriors meets sports – a combination that took away from our anticipation of it being a pure mech game.

Regardless, it is what it is, so we pushed forward playing the demo. We will, however, give credit in the game’s frantic action, which not only requires us to use the Dualshock 4 controller to guide our mech and fire our weapons, but to also play this basketball-esque game in the process inside of the arena. Yes, it was our fault for not really paying attention at the beginning when the rules of the game were being announced, so instead we just tried to obliterate the other opponents with our mech’s weapons.


Even with the frantic pacing and the intensity of the action, the thing that kind of iced the experience for us was motion sickness settling in by the middle of our demo, which was roughly 5 minutes into it. For the most part, the frame rate appeared to move at a smooth rate, but we suppose that the quick movements of the game, which includes looking around in space with the headset while operating and guiding our mech, could’ve all contributed into that feeling of motion sickness.

Despite losing the game, we were more relieved about the demo coming to an end, just because the motion sickness became increasingly prevalent as the game went on. Needless to say, RIGS has an interesting premise, but it’s more of a social game than anything else – something that tries to be a convincing experience for first time VR plungers. Its short, right into the action premise might sound promising, it’ll have to solve the motion sickness issue above everything else first and foremost. That alone is arguably going to be the biggest hurdle for the game, given its frenetic and fast-paced action.


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