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Walking amongst the dinosaurs should be a memorable experience, especially in virtual reality, given that the technology is here to bring them back to life in full scale. Dinosaur lovers will be interested in an upcoming game from the Germany-based developer Crytek, which tells a story of a young boy that crash lands on this strange world inhabited by dinosaurs. At Sony’s Holiday Showcase event in New York City, we got the chance to go hands-on with this adventure-exploration game of sorts.

Anyone familiar with playing a first person VR game will easily learn the game’s movement and mechanics, seeing that the Dualshock 4’s left analog stick is used to guide our character forward/backward – while using the headset to look around in the world. Meanwhile, the right analog stick is used to quickly make quick left/right turns, which happens in one swift action – much like the implementation we’ve been seeing a lot of other VR games. Now, this is done on purpose, probably to reduce the amount of stress to the player when it comes to motion sickness. Given the slower pacing of the game, it makes perfect sense to go with this kind of implantation.

That’s a good thing, partly because we didn’t once feel sick playing the game. Add to that, the slower pacing of the game, combined with its exploration theme, helps to make the VR experience easy on the mind. As for the visuals, we weren’t particularly blown away, but we supposed that they suffice enough – more so when the majority of the demo was spent in this sprawling forest.

Robinson The Journey 1

Another element in the game centers around rock climbing, or climbing in general to reach new areas. Once we approach an area that requires us to navigate our character through a cliff, the headset is used to target specific ledges to hold onto. From there, we press on the corresponding analog shoulder buttons on the Dualshock 4 to grab using our left/right hands. It’s pretty simple if you ask us, hardly the kind of effort you’d exert doing real rock climbing or something similar.

Robinson The Journey 2

The rest of our demo included having our character using their futuristic instrument to levitate and throw objects, such as hitting this piece of fruit hanging from a tree to get this dinosaur from obstructing our path. While the game was overall a slow paced affair, we gather that the full game will probably involve quite a lot of storytelling, which is kind of evident at the end of our demo with this giant spacecraft in the far off distance that’s just sitting there – as the dinosaurs enter the frame and converge into the valley.

Robinson: The Journey is slated for the Playstation VR, however, there’s no exact word on its release date.

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