‘Robinson: The Journey’ comes to the Rift with no Touch support

Robinson: The Journey was the first virtual reality title from Crytek, the team behind the beautiful Cryengine game engine as well as the Crysis series of video games. While it first made its way to virtual reality as a PSVR exclusive title, it has finally found a path to PC gaming with the introduction of the title to the Oculus store. There is one strange caveat here however: it isn’t shipping with Oculus Touch support.

The Oculus Touch launched almost 5 months ago, so it seems like it would be a no-brainer to add support for the controllers when porting the game. Crytek’s first title, The Climb, was one of the debut titles for Oculus Touch as well, which makes it even more strange that the new game does not accept this form of input.

Robinson: The Journey follows a young boy and his robot after crash landing on a planet with dinosaurs and lush wildlife. A huge part of the controls visually use the young boy’s hands, so using a controller to weave your way through the story seems almost wrong, especially with how good at emulating hands the Oculus Touch controllers are.

Would you still consider picking up a title that didn’t contain Oculus Touch support? It seems that in 2017 every new game should support the input, but Crytech likely wanted to get the game out as soon as possible.

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