Robo Recall hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

While many games take advantage of Oculus’ new Touch controllers to help players shoot, dodge, and jump their way through video games, not many titles have been quite as fast paced as Epic Games’ Robo Recall.

Announced today at Oculus Connect 3, Robo Recall takes place in a futuristic version of New York where assistive robots have gone rogue, and you have been tasked as a bounty hunter with one objective: take them down. Think of it like iRobot with Will Smith, but a lot more interactive. Through a mix of teleportation, shooting, and good old hand-to-hand combat, Robo Recall lets users explore the more active side of virtual reality.

The game is very bright in color, and reminds me of Blizzard’s Overwatch in style. Its fast paced nature makes it one of the more interactive games we tried at Connect, and we have to say it paid off in a big way. While most demos at the event has one booth devoted to their game, Epic had 2 for this game alone, which shows how popular Oculus knew it would be.


A lot of the mechanics in the game worked very differently than that of other titles. Each robot you fight has a number of grabbing points which you can use to tear it apart, and can even use these dismembered limbs as weapons to smack enemies with. You can also catch the bullets the robots fire at you and send them back their way, which was a really cool mechanic that made the game more fun and lighthearted. It was evident that Epic weren’t trying to take themselves too seriously, while at the same time producing a high quality title that many would enjoy playing again and again. In a way it was a hoard clearing title, but what we played was just a tech demo, so we’re not sure what the studio will have coming in the future.


You can use your teleportation abilities to jump through the landscape, and also to access vantage points that would be difficult to get to otherwise. At one point I teleported myself to a high-up tower, which made my heart race after I foolishly decided to look down. This kind of immersion and depth of field is something which we hope to see from other studios in the future, and Epic games did a great job of showing off a very clean and polished demo.

If you want to learn more about Robo Recall, stay tuned to VRSource to ready our full review and thoughts when it releases in the future.

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