Rockband VR comes to Oculus Rift March 23rd

Over the years we have seen a huge number of “rock star” titles released in various platforms that allowed the player to act as if they were the star of a famous band or group. These games have always had special intractable controllers to help the player feel really immersed in the experience, and now Harmonix is hoping it can use the power of virtual reality to make the games feel even more real.

Rock Band VR is a continuation of the ever-so popular musical series which uses the Oculus Rift to put players on a virtual tour. The game uses a new controller that looks very similar to the guitar remotes of old, and has the same method of gameplay but adding in a virtual reality headset. By using the Rift, players are able to see and feel the crowd as well as their other band mates around them just as they would at a real concert, and that’s something to get very excited about.

The company is offering both an XBOX One and Playstation 4 guitar bundle, so you can ensure the guitar will work with whatever type of controller you are currently rocking.

Interested in picking up the title? The game should work especially well for virtual reality, especially considering a live band would take up just about the same amount of room as a VR setup.

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