Ex-President of Rockstar North is starting a VR studio


Most would probably agree that Rockstar is one of the most influential studios of all time. Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, and others are incredibly recognizable titles in their own right that have gained one of the biggest followings of all time over the years. So what does one get when the ex-president of the studio decides to create some VR content? We’re about to find out.

Lezlie Benzies has been named the co-company director of a new ‘VR-Chitect Limited’ corporation, as noted by The Scotsman. And while you might imagine that the company would be working hard on bringing new gaming content to popular headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it would instead seem that they are aiming to create their very own virtual reality headset.

YouVR for HTC Vive hands on @ CES 2017

Titanic VR for the HTC Vive hands on @ CES 2017

Found on a listing on the Intellectual Property Office website, it seems that the company is looking to produce a new “Virtual reality system and method”. These words are a bit ambiguous, but it would seem that the company may be looking to produce their own VR hardware. We would be speculating here, and this could actually just mean a new engine or something along those lines, it’s hard to tell from one sentence alone.

It seems that Lezlie has opted to start up a number of other companies as well, each aiming at different kinds of content. The other company names we were able to find were Royal Circus Games Limited, Starship Group, and Everywhere Game Limited. While there has been no indication as to what kind of content these companies are producing sans a new title called “Time for a new world”, we’re excited to see what comes out of them over the next few years.

Any particular titles you’re looking forward to?

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