Samsung files patent for Augmented Reality smart contact lenses

Google Glass attempted to bring Augmented Reality to the glasses frame but the idea of having a camera constantly pointed at you whilst talking to someone just didn’t sit right with current culture. But what about if that Augmented Reality was embedded in something that you couldn’t even see? Enter Samsung who have filed a patent for doing just that by using contact lenses.

The patent details smart contact lenses that have a built-in camera, motion detection sensors, and an antenna with a small display, similar to the patent Google was awarded for smart contacts back in 2012. It turns out Samsung also filed a similar patent in 2014 but only in South Korea. The smart contact lenses would provide augmented reality to its wearer with images from the display projected directly onto the eye and controlled by blinking.


Augmented Reality has many uses and in something as small as a contact lens with the image being projected directly onto the eye, things like navigation and contextual information about the environment around you become an extremely useful and convenient possibility.

Obvious questions are raised in terms of privacy when it comes to a camera being embedded into something that no one else knows you’re wearing and recording without their consent, but perhaps this is simply a cultural change that will inevitably evolve into being socially acceptable?

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Source: Sam Mobile


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