Deal: Samsung Gear VR for only $50 from T-Mobile ($50 off)

Samsung just announced a new Gear VR at MWC 2017, and that means there are a heck of a lot of older Gear VR headsets that need to be sold. What better way to get rid of extra stock than to sell them at a 50% discount!

That’s right – you can snag a Gear VR headset from T-Mobile right now for just $50, which is $50 off the original $100 price point. Not a bad deal. It’s worth noting that this is the SM-R323 model, which is the USB Type-C variant that launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This version still comes with USB Type-C to MicroUSB adapters though, allowing you to use it with older Galaxy devices.

Though the new Gear VR will also have USB Type-C to accommodate for the incoming Galaxy S8, that unit has enhanced touchpad functionality and a separate controller, among some other small design changes. It’s likely only a couple of months until these units hit the market, so that’s another reason these older models are being discounted. Either way, $50 is still a great deal for such a high quality intermediary headset.

If you want to get your hands on one, you can grab it from T-Mobile at the link below.


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