Samsung Gear VR “Drop of Doom” experience hands on @ Six Flags Great Adventure


VR in some form or capacity has infiltrated nearly every major theme park across the country, it’s increasingly becoming the new experience to check out for thrill seekers. At the forefront is none other than Samsung, with its line of Galaxy smartphones and Gear VR headsets leading the way. Over at the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park in Jackson, NJ, its latest VR ride sits alongside the nation’s tallest roller coaster in Kinda Ka.

In “Drop of Doom,” a VR experience that has riders strapped into a drop tower ride of sorts, you play as a soldier that’s using his guns and weapons to fend off and attack these mutant spiders. The premise here with Drop of Doom has two parts, one of which is a game that has us attempting to accumulate points by blasting enemies, and the VR experience of feeling as though we’re on this helicopter ride.

Strapping on the Gear VR headset, you’d be hard pressed to even feel that you’re being hoisted several hundreds of feet up into the air. The game, of course, mimics the feeling of being lifted because we’re being flown way up in a helicopter to battle these giant mutant spiders. They’re gigantic and really tough to miss! Once at the peek overlooking the battle that’s waging on in the horizon, all that’s left for us to do at this point is to look around, aim, and fire away at these enemies.

And then comes the sudden drop, which had us plummeting in the game – being saved by one of the webs leftover by the mutant spiders. That rush was no doubt quick, but definitely served well in making the VR experience more believable. The overall VR experience works rather well, since we’re strapped into our seat and can view what’s in front of us. Looking down doesn’t have the same effect like it does in real life, especially when you know you’re way up in the air and can see the solid ground below you.

While it’s a fun and entertaining spin for a thrill ride, the only downside is that the ride itself is a short one – upwards around one minute to be exact. Still, it goes to show how these traditional thrill rides are being updated to keep up with the times, trends, and technology. And hey, it does a great job in convincing those who are afraid of heights to actually go on the ride, just because the VR experience is a delightful distraction.


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