Samsung Gear VR owners get a first peek experience with FOX’s 24: Legacy

Fans of FOX’s serial drama “24” have been craving for something new since it went off the air back in 2014, but it’s being resurrected with a brand new series comprising of a totally brand new crew. With the upcoming spin off titled “24: Legacy,” which will air directly after the Super Bowl, FOX is prepping to deliver some publicity for it by introducing a new promo showcase.

This isn’t your usual commercial spot or campaign. Instead, it’s a VR experience that’ll be a prequel to the upcoming series. Titled “Samsung Galaxy | Feel ‘The Raid,” it’ll be available through the Samsung Gear VR and Samsung VR service – giving users a first person perspective of the kind of action they can expect from the new series.

From the short promo video seen below, you can see that this VR experience will take viewers to the front-lines of a battle and it’ll give them a glimpse into the kind of drama and intensity the show is anticipated to deliver when it airs. Fans of the series will feel right at home with this VR experience, as it’s a non-stop ride from start to finish that might have some folks falling out of their chairs. Now, hardcore fans will absolutely want to check out this VR experience, mainly because it ties in directly with the very first episode of the new series.

Check out the promo video to see what it’s all about!



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