Samsung launches VR labs and competition to push industry forward


Samsung certainly has good reason to encourage growth in VR.  The Samsung Gear VR is widely regarded as offering a whole new level of mobile virtual reality that traditional Google Cardboard headsets just can’t match, and the company is working hard to make its hardware the standard for the future.

With all that in mind, Samsung has announced that they are kicking off the opening of their new VR labs with a short film contest, encouraging videographers to create content they can be proud of. Starting in July, content creators will have the opportunity to submit short films to prove what they’re made of, and the winners will be awarded with master’s classes at the newly announced Samsung VR labs.

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The initiative was announced in anticipation of this year’s VidCon video creation convention, which takes place from June 23rd to 25th, and hopes to take advantage of the new skills and resources attendees gain there.

Samsung will be holding a number of seminars at the convention on film theory and the future of film technology, and will also be offering attendees the opportunity to purchase their new Gear 360 VR camera which has yet to be released in the US. Though the camera might be seen as pricey to the average Joe, $350 is an absolute steal for content creators looking to make VR video, as these modulus have traditionally costed thousands of dollars until now.

Samsung will also be making it’s own VR platform available to the general public, which will be able to be viewed on both the Oculus Rift headset as well as Samsung’s own Gear VR solution. When asked why they are doing all this, Samsung America’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Mathieu had this to say:

We’re investing a lot in this space because we believe it’s a new medium for communication, creativity and even compassion.

If Samsung can help to bring virtual reality to the mainstream media, we may see a revolution in the content we consume in the next couple of years. With VR headsets and even 360 degree cameras becoming so affordable, it shouldn’t be long until we are able to view the majority of our content in glorious virtual reality.

What do you think about the initiatives? Excited for VidCon 2016? Let us know.

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