Samsung releases Bedtime VR Stories

Samsung have unveiled a new prototype app called Bedtime VR Stories that allows for parents to utilise the power of virtual reality to tell their children bedtime stories.  Virtual reality has been predicted as experiencing rapid growth during 2016, and it seems Samsung are trying to utilise this to power their ecosystem, bringing regular activities to their Gear VR platform.

The app is still currently in prototype, but Samsung is conducting limited tests with families in the UK to gauge how well the concept works. With Bedtime VR Stories, the parent wears a Gear VR while the child wears a Google Cardboard headset, which is decorated with one of three character designs, and they both enter the same virtual world. The parent then narrates the story, titled Most Wonderful Place to Be, which sees the child traveling between three “magical places” while sitting on their bed.

“First stop is the Arctic, in the company of Jen the Penguin. Next, Dan the Dinosaur takes them to meet the rest of his family in a pre-historic world. Finally, they fly into outer space with Robot Jo, for a musical finale.”

The entire story is available to watch as a 360-degree YouTube video, and the app itself seems like it only will work with the Galaxy S7 Edge and Gear VR headset.


Samsung have not yet communicated a release date as the app is still in development, but we’d expect an idea like this to be pushed out quite quickly. The concept of bringing together parents and children to experience bedtime stories when they are physically remote from each other is fantastic, eliminating physical boundaries. While I’d still prefer to pick up a book and real the good old fashioned way, the experience of reading a bedtime story can be greatly enhanced with the use of virtual reality and really make the story come to life for the children.


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