Samsung shows off a 4K UHD display for VR

Samsung were at the forefront of the Display Week conference this week in San Francisco showing off some impressive new display technology, but it it what the company showed off for VR that was particularly impressive.

The early versions of VR hardware typically have a resolution of 1080p per eye, which although pretty impressive, can often result in pixelation especially when used in virtual reality so close to the eye. Samsung are showing off some tech at the conference that is set to change that with a 5.5-inch display for virtual reality.

This new display made specifically with VR in mind is a 4K display at 3840 x 2160 resolution, which is a 44.7% increase in PPI over current displays, putting it at around 806 ppi. The display is still being labelled as a prototype so could be a while before we see this technology in an end-user hardware capacity.

Samsung also showed off a new technology called “Bio Blue” that is aimed at displaying less blue light that could be potentially harmful, only 6% compared to the current 32% emitted by current AMOLED displays. How this translates into real-world use within virtual reality is that less emission of this blue light could mean longer play times and less eye strain.

Current generations of VR headsets like the Gear VR and HTC Vive are of course in their infancy, as is virtual reality as a platform. Enhancements like Daydream VR will help to refine and improve the specifications of headsets to establish a minimum baseline to preserve experience, with manufacturers pushing the boundaries of technology with new developments, like this new display by Samsung. You just have to look at how far smartphone displays have come over the years to see that the VR headsets on offer certainly are not a final product and we should see improvements in the technology used for years to come.

Source: UploadVR


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