Samsung’s free Gear VR promo returns, this time for all 2015 and 2016 Galaxy flagships

When Samsung released their Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones earlier this year, they ran a promotion that gave free Gear VR headsets to early adopters. This was a fantastic deal for everyone involved, as the solutions usually cost $100, and allow for an intermediary pit stop between low end Google Cardboard solutions and much more expensive desktop based systems. Many consider Samsung’s headset to be on a whole separate level to Google Cardboard, since it offers more premium materials, internal sensors, and an established Oculus-powered storefront. Missed out on that original deal? You’re in luck, as Samsung is kicking off its Gear VR giveaway once more — though this time there are a few changes.

The first change is that the promotion now applies to purchases of Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge +, and Galaxy Note 5 smartphones. While this is more than likely a push to get rid of old stock, it’s not a bad deal if you are more interested in the Galaxy Note 5 or want to save a bit of cash and pick up one of Samsung’s 2015 Galaxy S flagships. While the company’s newer Galaxy S7 touts a better processor and iP68 waterproofing, the older phone’s bodies are almost exactly the same, featuring beautiful glass and metal frames. Getting a free headset is just icing on the cake at this point, and should help customers to finally pull the trigger they’ve had their finger on for a while now.


The other change to the promotion is that the company is providing $50 worth of applications and games to use with the headset. Samsung has not publicly mentioned what apps will be offered, so you will just have to redeem your free code and find out what’s in store. It should be mentioned that this code is redeemed via the phone’s unique IEMI number, so it will likely not work with devices purchased via 3rd party retailers like eBay.

Were you interested in picking up an older Galaxy device or this year’s Galaxy S7/Edge? Excited that the promotion has returned? Let us know.

via: Yahoo Tech

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