Samsung’s next Galaxy Note 6 may use a new Gear VR

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 device, which is Samsung’s larger screen phablet device, is heavily expected by a variety of sources to include the newer USB Type-C port and consequently will see a new Gear VR headset accompanied with it to include this connection.

Currently the Gear VR has a MicroUSB connector to interact with the Samsung Galaxy device but, with the new shaped connector, it could be that Samsung take the opportunity to completely refresh the headset hardware, while accommodating for the new USB Type-C connection.

Of course, Samsung could always just include an adapter to connect the new USB Type-C connection on the Galaxy Note 6 to the MicroUSB on the current Gear VR. This approach is unlikely given the lack of space in the current design, so it is very possible Samsung will introduce a new version of its headset.

The original Innovator’s Edition of the Samsung’s VR headset launched in December 2014 and only supported the Galaxy Note 4. A new version of the headset was released a few months later to accommodate the smaller sized Galaxy S6 and the first consumer headset came 6 months after that. Therefore, it could be Samsung have the Gear VR on an aggressive upgrade cycle and will use the Note 6 as an reason to release a new version, bundling the next-generation headset with a purchase of a new device, just like the company did with the Galaxy S7.

Naturally, with any rumors, it could be that the Note 6 will still have MicroUSB and therefore no need for an updated Gear VR. Drop us a comment below to let us know if you think Samsung will release a new virtual reality headset.


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