A second generation Samsung Gear VR might be coming soon


It has been less than a year since Samsung released the “consumer ready” version of its own virtual reality solution, partnering with Oculus to build a headset with capabilities somewhere in between Google Cardboard and Oculus’ own Rift headset. Samsung’s Gear VR has been well received by the general public over the past year, and has found its way into the homes of many who own Samsung Galaxy devices. Now, due to a leaked listing from an Indian imports database, we may have all but confirmed the existence of a next generation Samsung Gear VR headset.

While the document tells us absolutely nothing about the internal specifications of this particular headset, it does essentially confirm its existence. The model number shown on the paper falls directly after the current model, SM-R322, leading us to believe that there may be some upgrades coming to the current design.


The long rumored Galaxy Note 7 is just on the horizon, so it is likely that the new headset was designed to be able to take advantage of that device, as well as the new USB C connector that it likely sports. With Google’s Daydream VR software experience just months from bursting onto the scene, Samsung could be looking to make this device “Daydream Capable” at launch, in addition to sporting Oculus Home. With Samsung promoting their new Galaxy Note 7 as one of the first Daydream solutions, Samsung could make a killing off of the new devices.

If we were to guess as to what new features the headset will support, we would put positional tracking at the top of the list. Current cardboard solutions only support pivot-point directional vision, meaning the user is stuck to one place and can only observe the world around them in a sphere. With HTC’s Vive and Oculus’ Rift supporting this positional tracking technology standard, it’s only natural that Google and Samsung would want to make this feature available to their own audience. We’d also say it is likely that the new Gear VR will offer some kind of controller packed in this time around. While the Gear VR had reasonably decent controls built into the headset and the ability to use a 3rd party control, having a standard controller scheme would be a great step up.

Do you own a Samsung Gear VR? Looking forward to the second generation?

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