Sega creating huge shooting gaming warehouse VR experience

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Typically virtual reality has been constrained to a small playing area in your living room and is still yet to scale to fill the whole room, but now Sega is bringing a game to Japan that utilises a space the size of a basketball field to create an immersive VR shooting game.

Sega have teamed up with Melbourne-based company Zero Latency VR to create a virtual reality experience to rival them all. Multiple players are in a huge player space wearing virtual reality headsets and tracking equipment to create an immersive shooting game.

“Sega Live Creation [will be] opening a permanent warehouse-sized virtual reality centre in Tokyo, where customers will be able to don VR headsets powered by Zero Latency’s technology and run around shooting zombies.”

We’ve already heard that Nintendo is considering the virtual reality platform for its next console and it seems Sega is looking to get into the game. The company have teamed up with the developers to bring an installation of the game by Zero Latency VR to Japan. The company see it as an opportunity to advertise its various arcades and also encourage people to venture outside to engage in the virtual reality world. The experience will utilise Zero Latency VR’s equipment and technology so it seems Sega are acting as a sponsor for the gaming showcase rather than contributing any specific VR equipment.

The hardware looks fantastic and, when coupled with an immersive virtual reality experience, can seem extremely realistic. With the popularity of games like paint balling and laser tag attracting such large crowds, making a similar concept even more realistic will certainly appeal to a wide audience.

The game has a variety of different modes, including a zombie wave mode inside a simulated building. The tracking technology helps keep the environment around the players in sync with the virtual reality environment to make the experience as real as possible.

Unfortunately there’s no scheduled release date for the virtual reality experience but we look out for further details from Sega and any indication that it might build similar warehouse experiences outside of Japan.

Source: VentureBeat

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