Sega is bringing Zero Latency’s multiplayer VR title Zombie Survival to Tokyo

Zombie survival zero latency

If you’ve been thinking about how a zombie apocalypse is actually going to feel like if (or when) it happens, then you should head straight for Japan to get a taste of the real thing.

Zombie Survival, the world’s most advanced, free-roaming virtual reality game ever, is now open to play for the public at Sega’s Joypolis theme park in Tokyo’s Odaiba district. Game giant Sega has collaborated with Australian startup Zero Latency to update Zombie Survival and introduce its specially tweaked version for the Japanese market for the very first time.

The uncannily real, frightening VR game is playable by up to six gamers at once and allows you to be a part of the team trying to stop zombies from overrunning their territory. Everything feels uncannily real as you wear a PC-laden backpack, customized OSVR goggles (Open-Source Virtual Reality), headset and a specially developed multi-tasking weapon to blast away at hordes of Zombies attacking you from all sides.

What makes the experience stand out is the natural feeling you get as you move smoothly through the game without any delay in data or graphics transfer, all thanks to the use of real time Wi-Fi developed in Australia.

If you can’t make it to Japan to save the world from zombies, don’t fret because the company has plans to soon expand into Europe and the US and allow players to link together in real-time across borders. Until then, you can continue to play your favorite zombie games for Android.

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