Senseo makes VR even more immersive with per-finger haptics and temperature simulation

Virtual reality has come quite a long way in the last couple of years, but it won’t become completely viable until it becomes tetherless and seamless in use. There have been multiple new adapters that have aided in the development of this seamless environment including a new HTC Vive adapter that makes the headset work wirelessly, and there are even a number of peripherals that make virtual games all the more realistic. Now, Senso is attempting to break this barrier of reality by introducing a new set of gloves that provide both per-finger haptics as well as temperature simulation.

The glove has apparently been in development for 2 years, and touts a 7 IMU system that can can provide “absolute 6FOD positional tracking without any standalone solutions”. This means that all the computation happens within the glove itself, so your PC can be free of additional computation horsepower being required to keep your VR application up and running.

The team says their solution can achieve zero drift when in use, meaning the tracking won’t move slowly while your’re not actively moving. The sensors measure the position of the users hand once every 2.5 seconds, which seems a bit slow for active use, but is apparently a primary reason for the 10 hour battery life the company is touting.

While the team has shown off prototypes of multiple caliber in the past, they are planning to release a full consumer edition soon for around $300. While this seems a bit expensive for a peripheral, tracked hand movement seems to be the end-all when it comes to total virtual immersion. While there will likely be a day where our tracking devices are able to keep track of our actual bodies in real time, the technology is not available quite yet, and will take quite a while to make it into the mainstream.

Would you pay $300 a pair for a pair of gloves like this? It seems rather pricey as of now, but I am personally hoping that further iterations of virtual reality headsets are able to include peripherals such as this in the box.

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