Serious Sam VR launches in early access on HTC Vive

Serious Sam is known for its fast-paced, action packed gameplay, and has managed to develop an equally serious fan base over the years. With it’s Doom-like, monster destroying playstyle mixed with high quality graphics and great visuals, it’s no wonder the franchise’s popularity has remained so consistent. Now, Croteam is bringing the game into the modern era, and today has released Serious Sam: VR for early access on HTC Vive.

At launch, the game features 2 different planets with multiple levels nested within, and unique boss battles at the end of each. By using a wide variety of firearms at your disposal, you will be able to blast through hoards of monsters in virtual reality with the trusty HTC Vive remotes. In my time with them, I’ve found that these remotes work extraordinarily well as guns, so the game should synergize almost perfectly with the headset’s control system.

Croteam say they are planning to keep Serious Sam: VR in early access for about 6 months in order to get constant community feedback while developing the title. This seems like the way to go these days, as agile software development is key to producing a product your customer actually wants.

Those who purchase the title between now and October 24th will receive a 20% discount, so you might want to go ahead and purchase if you were eagerly awaiting this game’s release. While I generally don’t support pre-ordering titles like this, the developers are adamant about getting community feedback in order to create an extremely polished game, which is why  they are offering such a deal at launch.

If you weren’t convinced by my text alone, be sure to check out the new trailer above. The graphics and gameplay look absolutely stunning already, so we’re excited how this develops in the future.

Are you excited for the title? Were you a fan of the series before?

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