Serious Simulations claim VR Headsets could be wireless

Serious Simulations are a military training solutions provider of virtual reality who claim that they have solved the issue of VR Headsets having a dependancy on a tethered connection to another device. The company claim that they have a wireless solution capable of zero latency that can deliver streaming video suitable enough for VR.

Started only 18 months ago, Serious Simulations are relatively new to the VR world but are focused on securing the professional VR market for the likes of the military with bespoke VR solutions. However, the technology developed for these bespoke solutions and to cater for the professional customers may have a place in the consumer market, making it possible to untether the VR headset from its hardware dependency.

What Serious Simulations have done is create a low-latency solution for transmitting HD video to a VR display suitable enough for cutting the cord that existing VR headsets rely on. The system was demonstrated at Vision VR/AR Summit last month using the company’s proprietary system delivering pixels from computer to HMD in 17 microseconds using a 60GHz wireless link. The solution requires another box to be situated in close proximity to the HMD, usually worn on the person wearing the VR headset. The extra box receives the image data wirelessly then reformats the image for delivery over local HDMI/MIPI interface direct to the HMD’s display.

Given this is early days for Serious Simulations solution, it may be a while before we see it in consumer devices, but the reassuring piece is that the technology for untethering the VR headsets is there and being aggressively worked on. You can find more information on Serious Simulations and their technology by heading to their website.

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