Shanghai-Based DPVR Introduces 4G/5G Module for Its VR Headsets

DPVR 4g/5g module
Source: DPVR

DPVR, a company based in Shanghai that specializes in VR device design and manufacturing, has recently introduced a 4G / 5G module whose purpose is to expand the connectivity options of its all-in-one headsets.

The module supports different 5G / 4G / 3G and 2G frequency bands to work in all supported countries and regions, and it can be easily adapted to fit all DPVR P-series VR headsets.

With the new module, DPVR wants to better meet the needs of the global enterprise market, focusing on employee training, education, healthcare, and other areas that require remote or mobile usage.

The company highlighted several potential applications for outdoor usage, including the training of beekeepers as part of a training program created by South Africa-based VR company XR Global.

“Many African regions do not have reliable access to Wi-Fi connectivity. Since beekeeper training projects carry certain risks, the 4G/5G module and VR all-in-one headset prove invaluable to use in the field, where trainee beekeepers may not have access to Wi-Fi,” commented Bryan Crosswhite, CEO at XR Global. “The DPVR devices are well suited to such an environment, as they not only ensure access to data networks, but also help to lower the risks of beekeeping training, which is something that has been well received by local users.”

DPVR’s all-in-one VR headsets equipped with the new 4G / 5G module will provide enterprises with a convenient solution that can be effortlessly deployed to train employees in practically any location. As such, it enables a more flexible approach to working.

What’s more, all users of DPVR headsets who purchase the new module will be able to access collaborative VR experiences such as Horizon Workrooms, vSpatial, and Engage even when away from Wi-Fi access, bringing the idea of working in the metaverse a step closer to reality.

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