Shariiing VR Improves Collaboration in Virtual Reality

Shariiing VR
Source: Steam

Virtual reality has emerged as a powerful tool for training, education, and even therapy. The problem is that being immersed in a virtual world for the first time can be confusing, and not all people who can benefit from the technology are equally tech-savvy.

Shariiing VR attempts to solve this problem by providing a companion collaboration and sharing app compatible with all existing SteamVR apps.

“Shariiing VR brings collaborative, streaming and video conference functionalities to virtual reality applications, in a way that has never been available before,” state the app’s developers on its Steam page.

The companion app has three main capabilities to improve collaboration in virtual reality:

  • Show direction – By pointing toward the edges of the headset’s view, a person behind a computer can guide the headset user’s attention to a specific direction.
  • Highlight object – Specific elements and objects in the virtual world can be highlighted by dragging around them with the mouse.
  • Guide to location – A precise location in the virtual world can be indicated with a simple mouse click.

In addition to enabling a more experienced user to guide a VR newbie from outside the headset, Shariiing VR also introduces video conferencing between non-VR devices, such as laptops and tablet computers, and VR headsets.

The tool is able to stabilize VR footage to make it easier to watch on a traditional display since raw VR footage tends to be shaky and can cause dizziness or nausea when watched for longer periods of time.

The current version of Shariiing VR is compatible with Windows 10 and SteamVR 1.14.15 or newer, and it supports all SteamVR games and apps. You can download it as an early access title from Steam for 14.99€. Just know that the app uses a subscription model, and it renews automatically every month at 14.99€.

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