Sketchfab now lets you browse amazing creations in virtual reality

Sketchfab has traditionally been a site aimed at viewing artist’s models in 3D. The site is incredible for sharing models with those who don’t use 3D modeling programs, as it allows users to view creations right in a web browser, inspecting the nooks and crannies of every model with a flick of the mouse. But the industry is changing. With virtual reality, users are no longer limited to the 2D plane of their monitor. Now, users can take advantage of VR headsets to take a look at models in virtual reality, experiencing exactly what the artist saw when modeling the scene. Sketchfab knows this, and is releasing an app which allows users to experience high quality 3D models from the comfort of almost any VR headset.

The company’s app is out now for Android, iOS, and Steam VR, and is releasing for Samsung’s Gear VR headset on Thursday. Though there is no scheduled release date for the Oculus Home store at the moment, the company has said that it is coming later on down the pipeline.

The app gives users an option of browsing six different categories of models, including creatures, education, cars, places, cultural heritage, and game worlds. This will allow users to check out the models they’re interested in in an organized manner, and should be incredibly useful for developers looking for artists who model in a style they are looking for. If they have a vr headset they can use, developers should be able to view each individual aspect of a model to find just the right artist for their project.

Sketchfab already has a plugin which allows webmasters to implement content straight into their webpage, which should be fantastic for those with VR headsets looking to experience new 3D worlds and models. Because of the new VR compatibility, users can now be browsing a site on their phone or computer, and quickly put on a headset such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, or Vive to be able to check out the model in a whole new way. This allows for rich, interactive content to be injected into websites as well, which helps users to get a better experience while browsing. Websites are no longer restricted to telling you information, but can now show you information as well, in a whole new way.

Check out the app in the play store and app store and let us know your thoughts. Excited about the new applications?

via: CNET



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