Sky TV to launch its own VR app


Sky TV, a television subscription service, are about to enter the virtual reality ecosytem by creating its own Sky VR App.

It wont be full fledged VR per-say, but instead will be a collection of 360 video across a variety of Sky’s portfolio, including entertainment, arts, films and, of course, sport

“This summer we will launch a Sky VR app, confirming Sky as the home of quality VR content, along with a new mission to create high-end productions, exclusive to Sky VR”

The obvious benefit to the addition of VR technology for Sky will be the various sports that the broadcaster shows. Soccer, F1, Tennis, Cricket, are just some of the sports that will thrive with 360 video.

“Sky is uniquely placed and we are always been looking at new ways to get content out there – we have access to movies, TV and sport, and we need to populate VR with mind-blowing content,” Sky VR executive producer Neil Graham told TechRadar.

“We have set up Sky VR Studio and have resources on post-production. We are training people up and have four dedicated VR operators – we will compete and work with the major players.”

While the scope of Sky VR may be 360 video in the first instance, the release of its own dedicated app paves the way for the introduction of truly immersive VR content as the hardware progresses and the technology matures.

It is expected that the Sky VR app will be released across Google Cardboard, the Gear VR, the HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift, to offer an agnostic experience across ecosytems. Sky aren’t a company that tend to limit its audience based on what technology they are using.

As a Sky customer myself, and an avid F1 fan, I’m extremely excited to see the content that is created in 360 video for the various sports. It will no doubt make the viewer experience more intense, immersive, and enjoyable as we’ve already seen 360 video enhance experiences in other areas.

Sky VR is expected to be released this summer so be sure to look out for it in the applicable App Store.


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