Skybound Productions is bringing immersive theater to virtual reality

in Los Angeles, on Saturday, October 1, 2016. (Photo by Nick Agro, Orange County Register/SCNG)

Ever heard of immersive theater? No? We don’t blame you. An attraction called Delusion in Los Angeles, California has been spooking willing audiences since 2011, and it does so in a miraculously unique way. Those who take part are locked inside an old and abandoned mansion, then set forth to assume the roles of characters in a horror story. Players walk from room to room and solve puzzles and riddles along the way, joined by Hollywood actors who’s sole job is to make the experience feel as real as possible.

Now Skybound productions, the makers of The Walking Dead, are looking to make this experience available to all. Their new virtual reality experience will be based on “Lies Within”, Delusion’s 2014 production, and is set to be available for anyone with a compatible headset. While there are not any details as of yet describing exactly how players will interact with the experience, we are assuming it will use teleportation to bring users to different rooms. Vive controllers and Oculus Touch will likely also play a big role here, as intractability seems to be a major part of the experience.

With the oncoming of virtual reality, anyone can now have the opportunity to experience one of these realistic stories wherever they are. Virtual experiences can be just as immersive as real life in many cases, and something like virtual theater is an experience that would work absolutely perfectly for this kind of platform.

Are you interested in virtual immersive theater? Virtual reality is already quite immersive in itself, so it’s likely that Skybound productions will make something quite magical when they bring immersive theater into the virtual world.

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