Snowball fight in VR with Snow Fortress on HTC Vive


Mythical City Games has released Snow Fortress for the HTC Vive that will appeal to the child in all of us. It’s now possible to have a snowball fight in VR, thanks to Snow Fortress coming to Early Access on the HTC Vive headset.

It’s the studio’s first venture into VR and allows players to build their own snow fort and battle against autonomous snowmen as you try to conquer all forts over 12 levels.

You can simply fling the snowballs with your virtual hands and using a slingshot to increase the range and damage of the attack. The title contains a range of unlockable tools such as shields to help defend against the barrage of virtual snowmen.

Since Snow Fortress for the HTC Vive is Early Access, there are still a load features that the developers have planned including the ability to build you own miniature snow fortress and your own army to do the fighting for you.

“We’re hoping to also let you share your fortress with other players and see how it does compared to their fortress. Beyond this new mode, we are also planning to add an extra Snow Fort levels, improve the graphics across the game, add in a nicer ground surface, add more enemy types and more tools/weapons for you to use.”

You’ll be battling it out across different game modes including Fort and Survival, where there are two types of slingshots, a water bottle to heal your fort, and a shield. The developers say that the game in its current state is good for around two hours of gameplay.

Snow Fortress will remain in Early Access for four months in total before being released, and the developers advise that it may include a price increase, so best to snap it up now if you’re interested in VR snowball fights.

Via: VRFocus

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