Sony admits Oculus Rift is technically better than PlayStation VR

HTC, Sony, Samsung, and Oculus are just a few names that have a product either released or soon to be released in the VR market and naturally the fight is on to find who comes out on top of the whole bunch at the offset.

Despite all offering VR headsets, the capabilities vary greatly when looking at what each company has to offer. The Oculus Rift for example requires a high-end PC to function, while the Gear VR needs just a compatible smartphone. It shouldn’t therefore come of any surprise to hear that a top executive of one of these companies is very open about what their product is capable of.

PlayStation executive vice president Masayasu Ito admitted in a recent interview with Polygon that the PlayStation VR will not match the VR quality of the Oculus Rift.

“If you just talk about the high-end quality, yes, I would admit that Oculus may have better VR. However, it requires a very expensive and very fast PC.”

Ito is just stating fact here – the PS4 costs a fraction of an expensive high-end gaming PC, but won’t be able to compete with it, and so it shouldn’t be expected to.

“The biggest advantage for Sony is our headset works with PS4. “It’s more for everyday use, so it has to be easy to use and it has to be affordable. This is not for the person who uses a high-end PC. It’s for the mass market.”

It’s still unclear what the Sony VR headset will actually cost, but mentions of pricing have been compared to being on par with a new gaming platform, potentially putting the headset at around $350 to $500. That’s noticeably cheaper than the $599 of the Rift and the $799 of the Vive, especially when you factor in the cost of the rig needed to run these platforms.

We’ll certainly know more about the Sony VR headset next week at their event on March 15, 2016.

Via: Engadget

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