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What sets the HTC Vive apart from other options in the virtual reality space is the ability to scale an experience to the user’s available room. While the headset still works in smaller than recommended spaces, having appropriate room to walk around takes the headset from good to truly great. On the heels of HTC’s success, Sony is looking to give gamers a similar option, making its Move controllers and Playstation Eye camera an integral part of the Playstation VR experience. The official October release date is coming up fast, and Sony is starting to let details slip regarding its latest tech.

According to a pamphlet being distributed by Sony itself, the new Playstation VR console recommends a 6′ x 10′ space to play games in, with the user remaining in the center of that space as much as possible. The HTC Vive by contrast recommends 6’6 x 5′, which is quite a bit smaller than Sony’s solution. Strangely enough, although the system officially supports full body movement, the company is recommending that “players remain seated whenever possible during in-game experiences”. This seems to defeat the whole point of full body VR, but Sony seems to be staying on the safe side regarding spacial use of the headset. The Playstation Move controller and Playstation Eye camera are a pretty old technology, so it is possible that the company is worried about connection issues when applying them to the new headset.

Sony have also outlined some information regarding social viewing for those looking to experience the tech with their friends, along with glasses compatibility and where you should place your Playstation camera. We essentially got the full lowdown on the user manual for the headset, so if you want to take a look, you can do so here.

The company is looking to make the Playstation VR headset an attractive option for those who already own a Playstation 4, and should be relatively accessible for those looking to dip their toes into the virtual reality. Just how well the existing hardware works on the new headset has yet to be seen, but we’re hopeful that the company is being conservative when it says to remain seated as often as possible.

Are you looking to pick up a Playstation VR? Excited for the October release?

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