Sony Pictures gets serious about VR with new VP of virtual reality


We’ve known for a long time that Sony is dipping their toes in the new technology that is virtual reality, but a recent move has proved that they’re getting even more serious. The company is now not only using their PSVR console as their competitive move into the technology, but has actually appointed a VP of virtual reality for their film division to get completely immersed in the technology.

The company has hired Jake Zim, previously Senior VP of Digital Marketing to head the new venture as Senior VP of Virtual Reality at Sony Pictures. Zim has already worked on some other VR ventures in the past, such as the recent Ghostbusters VR Experience the company is using to promote the film, and is now looking to take on the tech full time. The appointment of Zim into the position shows the immense level of commitment the company is putting into VR tech, and proves they are taking their commitment much further than just video games.

Sony Pictures is stating that Zim is set to build a “slate of narrative VR content” for the company, proving that they are planning to dive full on into the film space with virtual reality technology. While the company has already produced experiences based on films before, such as TriStar Pictures The Walk experience in 2015, the development helps to hint at the possibility of full feature films in VR. There have been short films produced in the past which help to demonstrate the ability for virtual reality to work in film, but almost no one has taken the tech to the extreme of a full feature film.

Creating films in VR can be hard, as it completely changes the way the medium has been traditionally made. Many film makers have expressed a deep worry for the new format, as filming in 360 degrees makes it extremely difficult to guide the user’s view. The amazing thing about the format is the ability to see new things every time you take part in a VR experience, but for those who are actually making the film, creation can be a much wider issue.

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That being said, the company obviously has faith that Zim has the ability to make VR feature films truly great. If Sony is able to produce one of the first major motion pictures in virtual reality, they would be pioneers on the frontier of a whole new medium. Appointing a VP of Virtual Reality at the film company shows the devotion the company has to pushing the envelope of the new medium, and leaves us with a strong hope that we will see great things from Sony in the future.

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