Sony could be working on improved PSVR tracking system

Sony could be working on an upgrade to its PSVR’s tracking system to make it more accurate. The company filed a patent last year, which came to light earlier this month, revealing a design which isn’t wildly different from the HTC Vive’s Lighthouse tracking system.

The PSVR’s current tracking tech makes use of a single camera which tracks lights fitted around the headset. The system isn’t perfect and, as you might have read online, bright lights and reflections can interfere with its orientation.

The process outlined in the patent would involve a beam projection which would be able to locate the headset’s position in a 3D space. This wouldn’t just eliminate problems with external lighting but would also mean the overall tracking is more consistent. Further, the patent also suggests that the technology could operate wirelessly.

Sony likely has many patents regarding VR and we may never see the tech described in the patent in a commercial setting. That said, Sony will almost certainly release a PSVR successor in the future and improving accuracy — and cutting the chords — seem like two plausible improvements to me.

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