Sony is taking PSVR on a road trip through the USA

Exposure is the key to success in many growing industries. People won’t buy your product if they don’t know it exists, and putting your product into the public eye is one of the best things you can do to grow your image. This is especially true with virtual reality, as people don’t fully understand just how immersive the technology can be before they try it out for themselves.

Because of this, HTC and Oculus have been traveling around to different events around the world for the last couple of months, demoing their respective products almost religiously, and trying to make people understand just how amazing the technology can be. Now, Sony is looking to get in on the action, heading out on a country-wide tour with it’s new PS VR virtual reality headset.

The company kicked off the tour in Memphis this weekend, and plans on visiting 26 other locations across the US from now to November. Sony had incredible success with promotional touring last year, and is looking to re-live the experience by getting users to try it’s new technology.

The company says it will only have time to demo the tech to a “few dozen” people per day, but has offered a way to book a slot via Twitter. Simply tweet @HeyPlayStation, and you could have the opportunity to secure a position to test out the hardware when it gets to your city. The headset is planned for launch in October, so demoing it from now through November seems to be the perfect way for Sony to get consumers excited about the technology.

There has been no word about whether the company plans to send a tour bus through Europe, but it is likely that Sony wants to push the device more heavily in the states initially in order to get a more discrete sense of their customer base.


via: Road to VR

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