Sony’s “Crackle” streaming service announces VR vapabilities

Virtual reality has quite a variety of uses. Though many think of the platform as a new frontier for gaming, the possibilities of the technology seem nearly endless. From experiencing a professional surgery first hand to fully integrated pleasure suits, the tech is expanding to new industries that just didn’t seem possible before. With large amounts of new video content being developed to take advantage of the 360 degree space, some companies are looking for ways to convert existing media to work with the technology. Firms like Nexflix have already announced plans to integrate VR into their services in the future, but few have given explicit details about how they plan on doing it. Now, Sony’s streaming service Crackle has announced it’s plans for how it will be leading the new wave of media on the platform, as well as how it is planning to integrate ads into the system.

Unlike traditional intrusive video ads that play before, after, and in between content, Crackle is planning on whisking users into a virtual theater, where they can view videos on a more traditional theater screen. While the content is playing, users can look around the room to see a collection of banner ads posted to the walls. In this way, Sony can offer a new and immersive way of viewing its programming, while still monetizing on advertisements in a non-intrusive manor. For higher paying companies looking to integrate their ads into the experience, firms will also be able to include “VR-Capable” ads which allow users to interact with the content, likely reducing the level of enjoyment obstruction experienced by the viewer.

The company is looking to debut its new original series Start-Up with the service, which follows the dramatic life of a new company using “unconventional” funding to get their business of the ground. The show is just one of the many upcoming series planned to be released on the new platform, and the companies’ general manager Eric Berger is confident that the company will transform the way people watch TV.

At Crackle, we believe that creating content and ad experiences that mirror changing consumer habits are instrumental for driving viewer attention. We’re charting a path for television with a sustainable ad model that is a win for the advertiser, the network and most importantly, the consumer.

The service will be available on Android, iOS, and Playstation VR, though no information has been mentioned about Oculus or Vive support. Interested in the service?

via: Tech Crunch

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