Sony’s Playstation VR can simulate a 226-inch screen


If you’ve been looking for the next best VR cinema experience, you may not have to look any further.

A post on the Japanese Playstation blog has recently disclosed that Sony’s new Plastation VR headset will have the ability to simulate a screen up to 226 inches through it’s new “Cinematic Mode”. This translates to about 19 feet or almost 6 meters, making it much, much larger than the average screen you normally view films through at your house. The average household flat screen TV is about 60 inches, meaning Sony is looking to quadruple that number in order to give users the ultimate viewing experience.


If gigantic screens aren’t for you however, have no fear. According to the same blog, the headset should have the ability to simulate 2 smaller screen settings as well, one at 163 inches to encompass your field of view, and one at 117 inches which will require a bit of head movement to take in the experience. One could argue there are use cases for all of these sizes, as they all present completely different viewing experiences.

The 226 inch screen should be more like a movie theater, having the user watch the film from afar. This is a popular option for many, as going to a theater to see a film has it’s own experience in itself. The 163 inch screen is more traditional, showing the user the experience in their entire field of view. And for those that are looking to make it a bit more interactive, the 117 inch screen will allow you to focus a little more specifically on objects within the experience, having users physically move their heads to simulate the film happening around them.

The blog also points out that users may want to view these experiences while laying down. I for one love watching content in bed with my head against the pillow, so this should be a great option for a lot of users. For those that are like me, the headset will apparently orient itself to project correctly while the user is laying horizontally, meaning you should be able to get your multimedia experience from almost any angle.

Sony’s Playstation VR launches in October, and while we know quite a bit about the headset already, we’ve yet to see exactly how these new experiences will play out in the real world. With so much development going into them however, we anticipate that it will be nothing but good stuff.

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