Sony’s Playstation VR comes with 8 demo titles


Console gaming has always been relatively expensive. Although the system itself might often be cheaper than your average PC, the price of a single game often equates to 3 or 4 titles a user could buy on a platform like Steam. While Playstation VR seems to be the best “bang for your buck” in terms of what you get in the current VR space, many have been worried that the cost of the games alone would drive the price up to that of the Oculus Rift or even HTC Vive when all is said and done. While one could argue there aren’t any extremely compelling full fledged titles that have been released for the 2 PC-based titans quite yet, a user could easily purchase 4 or 5 experiences for the price of a single Plastation VR title.

Imagine our surprise then, when Sony announced the inclusion of a demo disk which includes samples of 8 games. This is great news for those looking to purchase the headset, as it means they will have the opportunity to try out a variety of titles right out of the box. This is similar to what Nintendo did with its Wii console, including Wii Sports which included a variety of motion based experiences.

The demo disk includes 8 experiences which each provide a completely different taste of the variety of experiences one can have in VR.

DRIVECLUB VR gives users a glimpse of what driving games are like on the console. While DRIVECLUB titles have been quite popular series the past, Sony is betting that users will be amazed at how immersive high octane virtual reality racing can be. Including this title is an awesome choice, as it means users can get a taste of what future racing experiences will be like on the console.

Playstation VR Worlds puts users in many different landscapes such as an underwater city much like Atlantas. The title gives players the opportunity to experience stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, all while trying to uncover an ancient secret. This demo should be a hit with new users, as transporting people to previously unreachable realms is one of the things virtual reality does best.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League is every Transformer fanatic’s dream. RIGS puts players in the cockpit of giant fighting robots, turning battlebot combat into a high energy sport. VR seems to be the perfect medium for a title like this, as the motion controllers present with the console are the perfect way to fight with giant robot titans.

Tumble VR takes the classic block stacking game to a whole new level. This title is geared towards the casual player with a competitive spirit, always looking to smash their personal best and climb their way up the leaderboards. While it is still unknown how much of the game is included in the demo, it’s still pretty great that users will have to opportunity to try out the game before making a purchase decision.

Battlezone is one of the more highly anticipated titles on the platform. With beautiful landscapes and the powerful Cobra Tank, players will have a blast blowing up their enemies and rolling around the expansive maps.

Eve: Valkryie is a title that has been in the works for a long, long time. The title isn’t only available in VR, but using the platform with the title makes it much more immersive. The community for this game is thriving, and is always happy to help users get started. We’re not sure if users will have access to online play with the demo, but flying a space ship at high speeds in virtual reality is something you would think the platform is made for. We’re incredibly glad this title is included.

Wayward Sky is a beautiful adventure game that sets you on a quest to explore the clouds in search of your father. This title looks to be more of a traditional adventure game with a VR twist. If you’re someone who loves exploration, be sure to check out this demo.

Head Master is included specifically for those who love sports games. The title lets users hone their skills by knocking around virtual Soccer balls, and should be a hit for those looking to get into some VR sports titles.

These demos were the titles confirmed with the European edition of the console, so we still don’t know if other regions will be seeing different games on regional demo disks.

We’re glad Sony has opted to include demos of so many different types of games with the console. Hopefully they will help users to discover what types of games they love as virtual reality becomes a more prominent platform in the coming years.

Any specific titles you’ve been looking forward to?

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