‘Sound Flare’ is your virtual workstation for mixing 3D audio

Virtual reality can completely revolutionize the way we work. We’ve seen companies like BMW change the way they develop cars with special virtual cockpits, and have even seen the medical industry use the technology to broadcast surgeries in a whole new way. What many people don’t consider however, is how the tech can be used to emulate high-end workspaces that we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. We already have a number of virtual desktop applications which give us access to just about as many monitors as we could make use of, but the team at Mint Muse wants to bring a full-fledged 3D audio mixer into the virtual world with the introduction of Sound Flare.

Sound Flare allows users to import their own audio and video files and manipulate their spacial position simply by placing them all around you in your virtual workspace. This isn’t possible in the real world, as you normally don’t have physical access to digital sound nodes. With VR however, you now have the ability to merge the two, streamlining your workflow by a massive degree. You can even set a specified movement path for your audio nodes, allowing them to change position over a fixed set of time.

3D audio is getting more and more important as we move towards a virtual world, as it can help developers to set the direction of objects and sounds to a much finer degree. In addition, you no longer need special 7.1 surround headphones to get an immersive spacial experience. Files rendered through Mint Muse’s custom 3D audio engine will work just as well through any standard pair of headphones, bringing high-end 3D audio to the masses. Even if you’re just mixing music, you can now have much more fine control of where your sounds are coming from, which brings a whole new axis to the phrase “stereo audio”.

The application is still in early access, and is currently only available for the HTC Vive, but there is no doubt it will improve over time to add even more features. You can find the application here.

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